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BRK04 Streatley, Common Wood
Goring Gap
Paddington Station, Westminster, London
BRK09 Donnington Castle
BRK10 Donnington Castle
BRK11 Newbury
Kennet & Avon Canal
BRK12 Newbury
‍Kennet & Avon Canal
BRK13 Newbury, Speenhamland
Clock Tower
BRK14 Newbury
St Nicholas Church
BRK15 Newbury
Kennet & Avon Canal
BRK16 Newbury
‍Kennet & Avon Canal
BRK11 Eton College
BRK02 Eton College
BRK03 Slough
Herschel Park
BRK05 Windsor
River Thames
BRK06 Windsor
St John's Church
BRK07 Windsor (busker)
BRK08 Windsor
The Crooked House
BRK17 Wokingham
Rose Street
BRK18 Wokingham
Shute Street
BRK19 Slough Railway Street

BRK20 Streatley

BRK21 Cookham
River Thames
BRK22 Cookham
Holy Trinity Church
BRK24 Windsor Castle
River Thames
BRK25 Windsor
Romney Lock
BRK26 Windsor Castle

BRK23 Maidenhead Town Centre
The Clock Tower
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