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DBY01 Alsop Moor
Paddington Station, Westminster, London
DBY02 Black Rock
DBY03 Chatsworth
DBY05 Curbar Edge
DBY04 Cromford Millpond
DBY06 Dove Dale

DBY07 Newton Grange
Tissington Trail
DBY08 Youlgreave
All Saints Church
DBY09 Bakewell
All Saints Church
DBY10 Thorpe
Hamston Hill
DBY11 Thorpe Cloud
DBY13 Wirksworth
St Mary's Church
DBY15 Black Rock
DBY16 Highpeak Junction
DBY12 Repton
Church of St Wyston, crypt
DBY42 New Mills
Tor Vale Mill
DBY43 Hayfield
Pennine Bridleway
DBY44 Kinder Scout
Kinder Low
DBY45 Kinder Scout
Pennine Way
DBY46 Kinder Scout
Kinder Downfall
DBY47 Kinder Scout
Pennine Way
DBY41 Tideswell
Church of St John the Baptist
DBY24 Tideswell
Church of St John the Baptist
DBY23 Tideswell
Church of St John the Baptist
DBY40 Edensor
St Peter's Church
DBY39 Edensor
St Peter's Church
DBY38 Edensor
St Peter's Church
DBY37 Tissington Trail
between Ashbourne & Thorpe
DBY36 Ashbourne
St Oswald's Church
DBY34 Ashbourne Tunnel

DBY32 Manifold Valley
near Thorpe
DBY31 Thorpe Cloud
from Hamston Hill
DBY30 Buxton
from Solomon's Tample
DBY29 Buxton
Solomon's Tample
DBY28 Buxton
Devonshire Dome
DBY27 Buxton Railway Station

DBY26 Buxton
The Pavilion Gardens
DBY25 Buxton
The Pavilion Gardens
DBY22 Miller's Dale
Former station
DBY21 Monsal Trail
Cressbrook Tunnel
DBY20 Monsal Trail
Cressbrook Tunnel
DBY19 Monsal Trail
Former Monsal Dale station
DBY18 Monsal Head
Monsal Dale
DBY17 Monsal Head Viaduct

DBY48 Bakewell
All Saints Church
DBY49 Hartington
St Giles Church
DBY50 Chesterfield
St Mary & All Saints Church
DBY51 Rowsley Station
Peak Rail
DBY52 Alsop Moor

DBY53 Butterley Station
Midland Railway
DBY54 Curbar Edge

DBY55 Curbar Edge

DBY33 Thorpe
St Leonard's Church
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