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DV06 Lynmouth
Paddington Station, Westminster, London
DV07 Malmsmead
DV09 Woody Bay Station
Lynton & Barnstaple Railway
DV11 Heddon Valley
DV12 Hunter's Inn
DV13 Heddon Valley

DV14 Trentishoe Down
DV15 Coombe Martin
DV16 Lynton
Valley of Rocks
DV04 Hartland Quay
DV02 Buckland in the Moor
St Peter's Church
DV08 Postbridge
DV03 Exeter Cathedral
DV01 Buckfastleigh Station
DV05 Haytor Down
DV17 Countisbury
Butter Hill
DV18 The Foreland
from Lynton
DV19 Valley of Rocks

DV20 Parracombe
St Petrock's Church
DV21 Parracombe
St Petrock's Church
DV22 Countisbury
Church of St John the Evangalist
DV23 Lynton
Cliff Railway
DV24 Countisbury
Butter Hill
DV25 Widecombe in the Moor
St Pancras Church
DV26 Buckland in the Moor
St Peter's Church
DV30 Buckland in the Moor
St Peter's Church
DV27 Buckfastleigh Station
South Devon Railway
DV40 Buckfastleigh Station
South Devon Railway
DV28 Kingswear Station
Dartmouth Steam Railway
DV29 Buckland in the Moor

DV31 Exeter Cathedral

DV32 Exeter Cathedral

DV33 Exeter Cathedral

DV34 North Bovey

DV35 Smallacombe Rocks
DV36 Bolt Tail

DV37 Haytor Rocks
DV38 Haytor Rocks
DV39 Trendlebere Down
DV10 Parracombe
St Petrock's Church

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