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RUT01 Egleton
St Edmund's Church
RUT18 Egleton
St Edmund's Church
RUT02 Exton
Church of St Peter & St Paul
RUT13 Exton
Church of St Peter & St Paul
RUT14 Exton

RUT03 Lyddington Palace

RUT17 Lyddington Palace

RUT15 Lyddington Palace

RUT16 Lyddington
St Andrew's Church
RUT07 Oakham
Rutland Round
RUT08 Rutland Water
Lodge Inlet
RUT11 Rutland Water
RUT04 Oakham
All Saints Church
RUT05 Oakham Castle

RUT06 Oakham Castle

RUT12 Exton Park Lodge

RUT10 Oakham Parket Place

RUT09 Oakham Railway Station

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